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 Inventory Code Merge (ICM):
Merge / combine any two part numbers in BusinessVision and convert your entire system in a single easy step.

ICM is an extension of Inventory Code Change (see above), that adds special calculations and steps to combine two items into a single SKU, such as summing quantities, averaging costs, rolling values forward and much more, ensuring a seamless conversion.

Here are some situations where you might find ICM useful;

  • A duplicate item is entered under a different code and has history, receipts, etc. recorded against it.
  • Your Vendor makes a minor modification to an item, or a new model year and now references it under a new part number.  With some history under the old code and some under the new code, you may find it difficult to determine your purchasing requirements.  With ICM you can roll forward the history from the old SKU into the new one and still be able to identify the item on the original sale.
  • You sell similar items and you realize they can be combined into one SKU for simplification.
  • You did not know about Inventory Code change, so you added the new codes to your system and kept the old codes for history.  (Note: If you deleted the old codes, they can still be recovered by re-creating the original item code, then running the merge)

ICM works by combining one item (source) into another item (target).  For example; if a company has two existing codes A and B, and they want to end up with just having 'B'.  They would Merge A to B and an sample of what ICM would process is as follows.

  • All quantity values of both A and B are summed
  • Notes are combined
  • Average Cost is calculated
  • Profile information pertaining to the target 'B' is retained (Includes BOM Top level)
  • UPC and WorkBook are carried over if they do not exist in target
  • All transactional values are changed (As per Inventory Code Change)
This list is just a few of the many rules and safeguards implemented in this revolutionary program.