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Inventory Manager:
MK PowerTools Inventory Manager is a packaging level that includes all the tools you need to manage your Inventory intensive business.

Inventory Manager includes the following programs;

Inventory Code Change and Merge:
Included with Inventory Manager, the Inventory Code Change and Merge utilities allows you to quickly and safely modify any part numbers in your BusinessVision system, while preserving all current and historic information associated with that part number. Click here to visit the Inventory Code Change page.
Warehouse Replicator:
  • Allows you to manage inventory in multiple warehouses as easily as managing one.
  • Quickly replicates part number profile information from one warehouse source to many warehouses at the touch of a button.
  • You control exactly what fields you want to replicate (transactional fields are non selectable).
  • You control how new items are handled (Add and Update) or (Update Only).
  • Import - Export replication allows you to send an inventory replication file to a remote BusinessVision system quickly and easily.
Inventory Code Purge:
  • Allows you to purge obsolete inventory part numbers from your database.
  • Remove part numbers from a single warehouse or all warehouses.
  • With several filters to choose from, you can quickly and accurately select non-active items and remove them from your inventory. For example: Select inventory that has not sold in more than 36 months and has 0 active quantities.
  • After running the filter, a list of Inventory items is displayed allowing you to further select or deselect items to be removed.
  • Inventory items are automatically moved to an in-active inventory database.
Product Code Manager:
          Product Code Builder:
  • Product Code Builder scans your inventory for all codes that do not have an entry in the BusinessVision Product Code database and displays the number of occurrences for each.
  • You can then add those new codes to the Product Code database, modify existing codes or delete codes.
  • This tool ensures relational integrity between the Inventory and Product Code database.
Assign Product Codes:
  • Assign Product Codes allows you to make bulk Product Code assignments to Inventory items.
  • The tool displays a list of Inventory items and allows you to make changes to those codes quickly and easily.
  • The tool also features the ability to segment and update each of the 3 characters independently.
  • Handy filters enable you to limit items displayed on screen.
Last Price Wizard:
The Last Price Wizard automatically updates your BusinessVision Customer Specific Pricing database with the last price a customer paid for an item.  Ensuring that the next time a sale is made to that customer the last price will automatically appear in order entry.

Last Price Wizard gives you full control over how the process is handled.  For example the following controls can be set

  • Start scan from a specified History Date or Invoice number
  • Prompt to overwrite existing prices?
  • Skip if the price is the same as the system pricing
  • Set BusinessVision CSP options

Last Price Wizard is also useful for initializing your Customer Specific Pricing instead of manually typing in each value.

Last Price Wizard is an excellent customer service tool that can be used to tell your sales staff that you customer has purchase this item before.


BV Undo - Reverse Invoice and Un-issue Purchase Orders
As an added Bonus, BV Undo is part of all packaging levels.