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MK PowerTools SQL for Sage BusinessVision 7

  File Size Date Version
MK PowerTools SQL for BusinessVision Installer (Supports BusinessVision 7.00 - 2019 (7.9))

Use for New Installation and Upgrades
22.6 MB Oct 08, 2020 7.72

MK PowerTools SQL supports all versions of Sage BusinessVision 7.0x to 7.9x (2019).

Important Information:
MK PowerTools requires Pervasive.SQL Server or Workgroup version 10.31.45.  Visit to get the latest patches for your database server. Check Add/Remove Programs for the version of Pervasive installed on your data Server. If the version is 10.30.22, then you MUST install the Pervasive patch otherwise your server may crash.

Instructions to upgrade MK PowerTools SQL:
If you have an existing installation of MK PowerTools SQL, simply download and run the full install executable on each computer and your MK PowerTools SQL will be automatically upgraded to the latest version.  Version detection and database compatibility is fully automatic.

1. Click on the link to download the upgrade and save it to disk, preferably save it on a network drive that is accessible from all the workstations that require the PowerTools upgrade.
2. Run the mkpt771full.exe (or later) from the network share and follow the prompts.
3. Start MK PowerTools SQL from the desktop icon and select the company, the system should upgrade the database connection automatically.


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