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 Inventory Code Change (ICC):
Change any part number in BusinessVision and convert your entire system in a single easy step.

ICC was designed for companies that want to retain their historic information and preserve their system integrity.  ICC automatically adapts to your version of BusinessVision and your specific database design, ensuring that 100% of information remains intact.  Safety and accuracy is our number #1 priority.
  1. Simply select the code you want to change.
  2. Edit or type in the new code
  3. Add it to the command list (repeat steps 1-3)
  4. Click "go" and Inventory Code Change does the rest.
ALL information is retained and converted:
  • Inventory Part Numbers (All Warehouses)
  • Sales Orders
  • Sales History
  • Bill of Materials
  • Serial Numbers
  • Purchase Orders
  • Purchase History
  • Inventory Receipts
  • Notes / Notepad
  • CustomPack Workbook
  • UPC Alternates
  • Physical Inventory

Advanced Options: (What can I do with the old part number?)

  • Save the old part number to the UPC Alternate field (automatic lookup in O/E)
  • Save the old part number the Alternate field
  • Save the old part number as a "Comment Record" x-referencing the new code
  • Preserve the old part number code in the Sales History Part Number display
  • Preserve the old part number code in the Purchase History Part Number display

Import Code Change list:

This function allows you to quickly import your list of code changes directly into Search and Replace.  Simply create any text file containing the source code and the new code.
Text files can be comma separated, tab or flat file allowing you to make your changes in XL, save as a text file and conveniently import them.

Implement the inventory coding system that works for your business:

  • Reorganize your Inventory Part codes for better sorting and reporting.
  • Convert your Part Numbers from UPC codes to a logical part coding schema, while preserving your UPC code lookup using the new BusinessVision UPC Alternate field
  • Switch to use your Manufacturer / Distributor codes for easier purchasing and identification.
  • Improve reporting by sorting inventory in a logical order.
  • Save time locating items and browsing available selections.
  • Build equity in your process and business structure.