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Database Doctor  
Database Doctor


MK Database Doctor does a full checkup on your BusinessVision accounting data, identifying inconsistencies and missing information in your financials, helping you avoid potential loss and/or get your system back into balance.


Prevent costly downtime by ensuring that your information is accurate and reliable. Whether recovering from a system failure, or running a daily check-up, Database Doctor delivers peace-of-mind.

System Analyzer thoroughly checks transaction records, balances and verifies relationships between the General Ledger, AR & AP Sub ledgers, and Sales History databases.

System Analyzer helps uncover system errors that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to detect, especially in a high volume transaction environment.

Utilizing a complex and advanced set of rules, System Analyzer does the hard work for you, and takes the head-ache out of balancing your system. Using a logical tree structure and multiple level drill downs, navigating your accounting data is quick and easy.

System Analyzer supports BusinessVision 32 systems.

Daily Checkup:

System Analyzer is ideal for performing daily system checkups on your accounting system, providing an added measure of security to ensure that information is accurate and reliable.

Doing a standard tape backup of a corrupted database cost a company 5 days of lost GL transactions before the database finally crashed the program. System Analyzer is ideal for early detection and correction of database problems before problems get compounded.

Running a regular system checkup is as easy as the push of a button and can be automatically scheduled as a server based process on Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000 servers with the Business or Corporate Edition systems.

Data recovery:

System Analyzer is an essential tool for the accurate and expedient recovery of your accounting system in the event of a failure. System Analyzer will show you a top level view of where the system is out of balance, what periods are out, all the way to down to the transaction level details.

System Analyzer automatically detects breaks in Sub ledger relationships at the Period balance and transaction level, and in both directions (for example A/R to G/L and G/L to A/R). The advance methodology analyzes the results in a matter of seconds.

Using reverse logic, information can be corrected or recovered by locating the transaction records in other tables, showing you what's likely missing based on what was left behind.

Data loss or errors can be attributed to anyone of several factors such as, faulty network cabling, NIC drivers, network congestion, PC O/S errors, errant applications, etc...

  • Validates transactional integrity between A/R, A/P, General Ledger and Sales History databases.
  • Checks for both missing and orphaned transactions.
  • Checks for unbalanced entries.
  • Checks for invalid or mismatched information (dates, dollars, accounts).
  • Reports balancing errors between the GL Transactions and Chart-of-Accounts balances.
  • Results can be viewed and analyzed on screen, or printed to paper.
  • Data is incrementally loaded for fast access to results.
  • the best way to recover lost information and keep your accounting system balanced.
How it works:
System Analyzer uses an advanced multiple sequence method of operation by loading accounting data to an off-line, System Analyzer company database. The System Analyzer company database can reside in either Microsoft MDB or Microsoft SQL Server format.

The System Analyzer company database structure is optimized for high-speed, multi-dimensional table comparisons. So complex calculations that could take hours are completed in seconds.