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Reverse Invoice:

Automates the reversal of invoices that have been committed to the system by generating an exact reversal (negative) of the original invoice to the Order Entry database for processing.  This method creates a true reversal of the invoice and ensures that all BusinessVision modules affected by the invoice are reversed correctly.
  • Automatically re-uses the same Order Number as the original sale
  • Automatically uses the same date as the original sale
  • Serial Numbers are automatically reversed
  • Order Entry WorkBook Records are re-populated
  • POS Customer hold flag is automatically removed

The original order can be recovered by performing a reversal against the reversing order.

  • Undo an invoice
  • Credit items
  • Re-create the original order in seconds

Un-issue Purchase Order:

Converts any "issued" or "Received" Purchase Order back to "Okay" status, allowing you to edit the PO in BusinessVision and Re-issue / Re-print it.
  • Un-issue partially or fully received Purchase Orders.  That's right, even if quantity is received you can still un-issue the PO.
  • All on-order quantities are automatically reversed
  • Adds a comment line indicating the Purchase Order has been re-issued

Business made easy!

Reverse Invoice and Un-issue Purchase order are included in every PowerTools bundle including the System Master, Inventory Manager and Search and replace bundles.