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Inventory Code Purge:
Quickly eliminate hundreds, even thousands of obsolete items from your inventory database.  Inventory Code Purge can automatically analyze your database for obsolete items and help you remove them quickly and effortlessly.

Check out these features.

  1. Scan sales history, purchase history and inventory receipt history for activity within a specified numbers of months.  For example, show items that have not sold for more than 24 months.
  2. Scan for never-sold items using inventory created date and by months created.
  3. Optional yes/no on-hand quantity filter.
  4. Filter items by Warehouse and Product Code
  5. Once you are ready, click "go" and Inventory Code Change does the rest.
ALL records in associated tables can also be purged:
  • Bill of materials (Top Level)
  • Inventory Extended Description
  • Pricing
  • Special Pricing
  • Unit of Measure
  • Serial Numbers
  • Notepad

Save Code Purge Worksheet for off-line editing:

Once the Inventory Code Purge has analyzed your data, you can edit the suggested items conveniently on-screen, print a Worksheet report showing the item listing and also save the Worksheet to a CSV text file for off-line editing.  You can easily open the text file in Excel or any spreadsheet, finalize your selections and reload the edited Inventory Code Purge worksheet on startup.

G/L Adjustment reports and more:

If you are purging items with on-hand quantities, you can print inventory adjustment reports that show the value of purged inventory by sales department.

Run reports showing the complete list of inventory items purged.

All purged items are backed up in an easy to access text file in your database folder.

Sales history transactions or any transaction entries are NEVER purged ensuring that your history is always intact.

Finally clean-up all that junk from your database without spending days, weeks and thousands of mouse clicks:

  • Find parts by faster by having less items to sift through.
  • Speed-up reporting by having less pages of irrelevant information.
  • Save paper by printing less of it.

Inventory Code Move:
An alternative to permanently purging items is moving them to another warehouse.  With Inventory Code Move you can do that, retain all your information and keep your main warehouses free of clutter.