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Inventory Code Move (ICM):
Move an item from one warehouse to any other warehouse in BusinessVision and convert your entire system in one easy step.

PowerTools converts every database table automatically, as if you have been using that warehouse location all along.  Sales History, Bill-of-materials, Inventory Receipts, Serial Numbers, everything.

  1. Simply select your items from the Source list
  2. Pick your Target warehouse
  3. Press Run

Its that easy!!

Click on Image to enlarge

Here are some situations where you might find Inventory Code Move useful;

  • Create physical or logical warehouses to store various types of inventory, for example: create a Raw Materials warehouse, a Bill-of-Materials warehouse, Finished products warehouse, service SKU warehouse, etc, etc..
  • Change your warehouse codes and move every single inventory item from one warehouse to any another warehouse!
  • Move obsolete or non-current items from your active warehouse to a non-active warehouse
  • Move items from several warehouses back into one central warehouse

ICM can be purchased as part of MK PowerTools Inventory Manager or System Master.

Watch DEMO, click HERE

Making the impossible possible!