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Inventory Manager:
MK PowerTools Inventory Manager is a packaging level that includes all the tools you need to manage your Inventory intensive business.

Inventory Manager includes the following programs;

Inventory Code Change and Merge:
Inventory Code Change and Merge allows you to quickly and safely modify any part numbers in your BusinessVision system, while preserving all current and historic information associated with that part number.
Inventory Code Purge:
Remove obsolete inventory items from your database quickly and effortlessly.  Inventory Code Purge scans your system for obsolete items based on dozens of available filters.
Inventory Code Move :
Move an item from one warehouse to any other warehouse in BusinessVision and convert your entire system in one easy step.

PowerTools converts every database table automatically, as if you have been using that warehouse location all along.  Sales History, Bill-of-materials, Inventory Receipts, Serial Numbers, everything.

Warehouse Replicator:
  • Allows you to manage inventory in multiple warehouses as easily as managing one.
  • Quickly replicates part number profile information from one warehouse source to many warehouses at the touch of a button.
  • You control exactly what fields you want to replicate (transactional fields are non selectable).
  • You control how new items are handled (Add and Update) or (Update Only).
  • Import - Export replication allows you to send an inventory replication file to a remote BusinessVision system quickly and easily.
BV Undo - Reverse Invoice and Un-issue Purchase Orders
As an added Bonus, BV Undo is part of all packaging levels.