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Territory Code Change:
Territory Code Change allows you to change any Territory code in your BusinessVision system and retain all your current information and history.  This automatic conversion allows for a nearly effortless and seamless task of changing to new Territory codes.
  1. Simply select the code you want to change.
  2. Type the new code or browse and add it to the list.
  3. Click "go" and Territory Code Change does the rest.
Territory Code Change automatically converts all current and historic records to the new codes. So you can rest assured that all critical information is retained:
  • Territories
  • Customer Information
  • Sales Orders
  • Sales History
  • Notes / Notepad
  • WorkBook


Now you can implement the territory coding system that works for your business!

  • Improve quality of sales reports
  • Re-organize your sales regions
  • Expand your territory codes to take advantage of the new 10 digit field length in version 7
  • Fix mistakes and input errors