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Customer Testimonials

 “All our people think it is super that we can just click on something and send it that easily, right from our desktop. We love it! And if there’s a mail strike, we’re 5 steps ahead of the game.”
Ron Brown, President, Dadco Canada Inc.

"DocuFire Server was up & running quite quickly, and does exactly what it is supposed to do. Using this program has saved my client a lot of money - it paid for itself in no time!”
Charles Pezzack, Kirby, Pezzack and Associates Inc. MK Software
Business Partner, BusinessVision Business Partner / Consultant

”We are a distributor and have been using DocuFire Server for nearly a year and it is everything as promised. While researching accounting packages last year we noticed DocuFire Server and we were amazed at the possibilities. Although I was interested in BusinessVision, I believe that the features of DocuFire Server ultimately made my decision to purchase the package. The cost savings alone paid for our entire software investment!
Rory Cabral, Unifit Fastening Systems Inc.

“The program is definitely time efficient and cost effective, no more folding and stuffing of envelopes and not to mention the postage savings! The program is a must for every office.”
Petra Hygienic Systems

“DocuFire Server has eliminated our need to print and mail accounting statements saving considerable time and money.”
Sam Poddar, President, Byrex Gems

“We are extremely pleased with our DocuFire Server software. The link it provides from our customer data to various communications modalities has drastically improved efficiency and significantly reduced costs. We use it for sending out monthly account statements, account past due notices, monthly sales flyers, purchase orders and copies
of invoices. The software is straight forward, easy to learn and easy to use.”
Tim Fera, WAT Supplies